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Your Las Vegas Trash Chute Cleaner

GCR provides trash chute cleaning in high-rise condos, hotel towers and other tall buildings in Las Vegas. We scrape, scrub and sanitize the trash chute inside and out, leaving your building clean, healthy and odor free.

Trash Chute Odor

In high-rise buildings, a trash chute runs from top to bottom and terminates into a trash dumpster and compactor on the bottom floor or basement. As residents and employees on each floor dump rubbish into the garbage chute, bags split open and spill rotting food, stinky diapers, rancid grease, catbox litter that sticks and builds up on the trash chute wall. Over time, this filth breeds bacteria, which causes odor in the trash chute and throughout the building. Cleaning trash chutes 1-2 times per year improves indoor air quality in airtight buildings.

Dirty Trash Chutes:

Why is it important to Clean Trash Chutes?

GCR's Trash Chute Cleaning Service Includes:

Commercial and Residential Trash Chute Cleaner for Henderson, Las Vegas, Clark County, Parump & Mesquite

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