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HVAC Information


Air from your home is sent through the filters to remove debris and air-borne particles before re-circulating it. These filters need to be changed regularly to maintain efficiency.


Air passes through this area from your home to the filter. Debris that collects in this area is picked up by the passing air and carried back into your home. It is important to keep the return clean.


These are the air ducts that carry air back into your home. As air passes by, it picks up accumulations of mold, dust or other allergens that may be deposited on the linings. This is prevented by regular cleanings.

Cooling Coils:

Air passes by the coils to cool before returning to your home. Cooling coils trap dust, soil, grime and other troublesome deposits that reduce the heat transfer efficiency of HVAC units. This buildup interferes with proper system operations. Removal of built-up dirt and grime from cooling coils improves system efficiency, reduces electricity consumption, and increases system life. It also preserves the factory finish to minimize the possibility of water carry-over that can lead to microbial contamination in ductwork.


The blower forces air through the system as it passes through the various components. Dirt and grime build up on the blower can be released into the system and into your home. Regular maintenance will remove build up and help to restore system efficiency.

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